Who are we?

As a manufacturer in the metal fabrication market, the people who work in our company are an important factor in the success of our company now, actively contributing to the design and manufacture of products for our customers.

With over 30 years of experience in the field of work, we have strengthened a team of over 80 people with whom we share perseverance, team spirit and the ability to deliver. the highest quality products.

We like to grow continuously and get directly involved in the training of our employees and select the most involved and motivated people in our industry. Meal vouchers, reimbursement of transportation and the provision of a subscription to private medical services are a small part of the benefits we offer to our employees as a sign of gratitude for their daily efforts.

We are at current with all the news on the labor market and we seek to meet the needs of our employees, offering both extra-salary benefits as well as a clean and safe working environment. If you meet our requirements and you are curious to know us, we are waiting for you at our interview!

We support products and brands. Since 1993.

Experience defines us. For us, it's the relationship we build over time with each partner that matters most! We offer all our experience to all those who want to promote themselves efficiently and targeted, customizing every detail of the product according to the client's requirements!


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Loc. Sanpetru, Jud. Brasov